Why choose DataLabs for your IPv6 Needs?

All IPv6 packages come with the following features.

High Concurrent Connections

With a concurrent connection limit of 500 threads simultaneously, you can scrape at enterprise level speeds easily.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Absolutely no bandwidth restrictions. These packages are strictly time based.

Fast Connection Speeds

Increase the performance of your program(s) with our extremey fast IPv6 infrastructure.

Geo-Location Capabilities.

Our entire pool is located within the US. More advanced geo-targeting coming soon.

User & Pass Authentication

All proxy types come with User:Pass authentication, allowing you to instantly use your proxy on any machine without delay.

Rotating & Static

For each proxy, you can choose between rotating & static sessions.

Proxy Management Dashboard

Your personal dashboard is extremely simple to navigate & allows you to easily manage all of your packages in seconds.

24/7 Customer Support

With global support agents, we have support agents working around the clock to provide 24/7 Customer Support.

Choose the package that's right for you.

Upon purchase your package will be added to your simple-to-use personal proxy management dashboard.

1 Day


Total: $7.50

  • All Features Shown Above
  • 24 Hours Total Length
1 Week


Total: $35.00

  • All Features Shown Above
  • 7 Days Total Length
1 Month +1 Week


Total: $105.00

  • All Features Shown Above
  • 5 Weeks Total Length
3 Months


Total: $225.00

  • All Features Shown Above
  • 12 Weeks Total Length
If you're interested in packages longer than provided above, simply reach out to support for price negotiations.