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DataLabs offers cheap & competitive pricing.

Next generation infrastructure for faster and more effective scraping.

All-in-one dashboard to manage your packages/services.

Free proxy pools & cheap tools available within your dashboard.

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We offer an in-depth documentation for all of our services.

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Perfect Proxies for Any Scenario

We currently offer Datacenter, Residential, and Mobile proxy types.

Our infrastructure supports Country & City-Level-Geotargeting.

We offer locations all over the globe, proxies in 195 Countries.

All proxy types support Static & Rotating connection types.

Unlimited Concurrent Threads on Mobile & Residential proxies.

All DataLabs proxies use the standard User & Pass Authorization only.

Manage your packages easily with our Proxy Management Dashboard.

Our Captcha Solution API can solve 99% captchas found online.

We offer the following captcha types: ReCaptcha, hCaptcha, Cloudflare, Datadome, Fun Captcha, GeeTest, Incapsula / Imperva & AWS WAF .

We offer manual, invisible, and browser-check based captcha bypasses.

We use the industry standard API, making integration simple.

Each captcha type is priced individually, prices can be found here.